Workwear business says speed of move would not have been possible without council grant. - Open in Crewe

Workwear business says speed of move would not have been possible without council grant.

Cristi Bugnariu is the owner and proprietor of the business ‘22 Workwear’ a business which up until this year had only operated online.

That changed in the spring when Cristi was successful with an application for the Repurposing our High Streets grant, enabling him to turn his online business into having a physical profile in Crewe as well.

Cristi’s business, which provides printed and embroidered workwear for individuals and businesses to order in Crewe, opened its first premises on Edleston Road earlier this summer and he’s not looked back since.

“My long-term plan was always that I wanted to open a physical premises when the time was right but finding that right time was the tricky thing. I had anticipated being where I am now in about a year’s time, so the grant has massively helped me to accelerate my plans for the business.

“I remember the moment I stood in my new shop on the first day. I felt so proud. I was certainly nervous about all the work that I knew I had to do but without the grant I wouldn’t be in a position to even be thinking about those things just yet. Now I’m not just thinking about them, I’m doing them too!

Having secured a premises, Cristi is using the rest of the grant money to fit out the shop the way he wants it and he’s certainly keen to make the best of the opportunity he has been given.

“I realise that I was very fortunate to benefit from securing this grant funding and all I’d say to anyone else thinking of making a move like I have is, ‘go for it’, as you never know what is possible until you try.

“My family has been a huge support to me in my journey, always telling me to keep going forwards, and that’s my message to anyone else who might be looking for a bit of support. Keep looking ahead. The grant was brilliant for me, and it could be for you too.”

If you’re interested in finding out more information about the Repurposing our High Streets scheme and how to apply, please access the link above.

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